New Users Guide


Instructions for Prospective Confocal Users


1. The Imaging Core has a DeltaVision Elite Deconvolution/TIRF system and two confocal microscopes available for use:  A Leica SP5 X and a Zeiss LSM 710.  Investigators wishing to use the facility's microscopes have two choices.  They may be fully trained to use any of the microscopes independently or they may choose to have the manager of the facility operate a microscope for them.  For information on microscope hourly rates and training fees, please see the rate schedule.

2. All prospective users must download an application form, fill it out in detail and email it to Amy Beaven ( To use the confocal microscope(s) independently, you will need to demonstrate an appropriate level of experience in microscopy and an immediate need to use the microscope(s) before you will be considered qualified to schedule a training session. If you would like the facility manager to operate the microscope for you, please indicate this on the application.  Upon receipt of the completed application, you will be contacted within 2 days.

3.  Confocal and DeltaVision training typically takes 2-3 hours. Users are encouraged to bring their own samples to image though it is not required.  

4. All microscopes use Google Calendar for scheduling. For information on how to apply for and schedule instrument time using Google Calendar, please click here.

5. Prospective microscope users should review the Leica SP5 X Quickstart Guide, the Zeiss LSM710 Quickstart Guide or the DeltaVision Imaging System User Manual and/or DeltaVision Short Imaging Guide before attending the first training session.
6. Arrive on time for your training session (0107 Microbiology building). If you are more than 15 minutes late, the training session will be canceled and you will be charged at the regular rate for the full length of the scheduled appointment. If you cancel your training session less than 24 hours before the appointment, you will be charged at the regular rate. 

7. It is important to properly acknowledge the use of the Imaging Core in your publications.  Acknowledgement helps us demonstrate and document how the Imaging Core contributes to the research community.  It also aids us in our efforts to secure more funding to purchase additional instruments and offer new services.  Imaging Core users should send a PDF copy of all publications to the Director, Amy Beaven.