cbmg staff

Main Office

Paul Keen
Program Administrative Specialist
Email: pkeen@umd.edu
Office: 1109 Microbiology Bldg. 
Ext. 5-5435

Responsible for administrative support to the department Chair, faculty, business office, and other staff including assisting students and other visitors. Coordinates CBMG seminars and conferences with the following: invitation ,travel arrangements and expense reimbursements. Coordinates room reservations and assists with key/card access and paycheck distribution. In charge of departmental charge card (Purchasing and Travel). Responsible for departmental communication, marketing and social media presence, and assists IT manager.  Supervisor: Pamela Moffett


Facilities Support

Dorothea O'Toole
Facilities Director
Email: dotoole@umd.edu
Office: 1125 Microbiology Bldg. 
Ext. 5-5430 

Responsible for every facet of building and equipment maintenance, key/card access, parking permits, laboratory compliance, and all departmental purchases over 5K. Routinely coordinates with FM for all infrastructure issues and serves as the liaison between FM, outside contractors and building occupants. Coordinates and maintains all service requests for lab instrumentation repairs, re-certifications, improvements, or replacement and lab-set up and clean out for all CBMG faculty. Also serves as the Laboratory Compliance Officer for CBMG. Supervisor: Kevin McIver


Business Office

Pamela Moffett 
Director of Administrative Services 
Email: painswor@umd.edu
Office: 1109 Microbiology Bldg.
Ext. 5-1595 



Responsible for all operations of the Business Office, and serves as point of contact with other University offices for financial management and accounting. Reconciles some PI accounts and prepares monthly financial reports (post-award grant management), and manages all CBMG DRIF and teaching accounts. Coordinates new faculty grant transfers, prepares annual departmental budget, and advises Chair in financial matters. Supervisor: Kevin McIver


Teresa Thompson

Assistant Director

Email: teresa@umd.edu

Office: 1117 Microbiology Bldg.

Ext. 5-4173 

Reconciles PI accounts and prepares monthly financial reports (post-award grant management), reviews and approves PI's travel and purchasing cards. Prepares financial close-out reports for awards by working in coordination with SPAC. Manages federal work students, student awards, and business office student workers. Manages all T32, F32 and F31 grants for the Department. Serves as liaison between CARF and PIs on monthly charges for animal care. Assists with payroll when necessary. Supervisor: Pamela Moffett



PeiLei Chow 
Business Service Specialist 
Email: pchow@umd.edu 
Office: 1119 Microbiology Bldg.
Ext. 5-1510

Reconciles PI accounts and prepares monthly reports (post-award grant management), reviews and approves PI's travel and purchasing cards. Prepares financial close-out reports for awards by working in coordination with OCGA. Manages financial issues associated with departmental workshops and symposiums and expense re-imbursements for local hosting. Supervisor: Pamela Moffett


Mini Rajan
Payroll & Human Resource Manager
Email: mrajan@umd.edu 
Office: 1109J Microbiology Bldg.
Ext. 5-7043

Processes payroll for all faculty, staff, and graduate and undergraduate students, prepares contracts (including summer school), processes J1 and H1B visas, assists employees with medical and life insurance, retirement benefits, tax forms, tuition remission processing, processes separation forms and unemployment insurance, provides employment verification letters, prepares search and selection plan reports. Maintains personnel records for all employees, including faculty, staff and students. Maryland Charity Campaign (MCC) Captain for department. Supervisor: Pamela Moffett


Pre-award Support

Priyanka Vengataraman

Research Coordinator

Email: pvengata@umd.edu

Location: 1109 Microbiology Bldg.

Ext. 5-5478

Provides all necessary pre-award support to faculty. Coordinates assembly of applications, preparation of online forms, budgets, biosketches, and makes sure all materials are completed and submitted to the granting agencies according to the guidelines. Social media manager for CBMG Twitter and creates and updates content for CBMG website. Supervisor: Kevin McIver

Information Technology

Wan Chan
Information Technology Manager
Email: wanchan@umd.edu
Office: 1204 Bio-Psych Bldg.
Ext. 5-7744

Provides support to faculty and staff with all IT-related issues, including equipment purchasing. Serves as CBMG telecommunications (cellular and landline) and data representative to OIT. All computer purchases must go through and be approved by Wan Chan (CBMG IT). Maintains file and web servers, coordinates Inventory (University owned equipment, and space surveys), provides classroom IT support. Also serves as staff ombudsperson and manages disaster recovery efforts with OIT. Supervisor: Kevin McIver


Store Keepers

Douglas Downing

Store Keeper III
Email: ddowning@umd.edu
Office: 0108 Bio-Science Research
Ext. 5-7432

Work in receiving office of BRB, oversees storage area, manages and maintains copier in BRB administrative office, oversees mail (FedEx, UPS, etc), maintains inventory logs, assists with moving/carrying, etc. for CBMG. Supervisor: Dorothea O'Toole.

Undergraduate Program Support

Megan Leung 
Administrative Coordinator
Email: mleung3@umd.edu 
Office: 1109 Microbiology Bldg.
Ext. 5-2766 

Assists the Associate Chair of Undergraduate Programs and undergraduates with administrative and academic aspects of the program. Responsible for maintaining the database of student worksheets, scheduling room reservations, and provides administrative support to all faculty. Supervisor: David Straney 


Instrumentation Core Facilities

Amy Beaven 
Director of Shared Instrumentation
Email: abeaven@umd.edu
Office: 0107C Microbiology Bldg.
Ext. 5-7238 

Manages user fees and service contracts for all instrumentation in the Imaging and Genomic Core facilities. Is responsible for day-to-day operations in the Imaging Core and Genomics Core. Provides technical assistance and instruction in microscope use, training for instrument, card key access, and coordinates instrument maintenance and repairs. Supervisor: Charles Delwiche 

Kenneth Class

Director of Flow Cyometry Core

E-mail: kclass@umd.edu

Office: BRB 2106  Lab: BRB 2102

Ext: 5-4593

Is responsible for daily operation of the Flow Cytometry Core located in the Bioscience Research Building. Provides technical assistance and hands on operation of the cell sorter. Also instruction and training in the use of the analytical flow cytometer. Oversees service contracts and coordinates instrument service and repairs. Responsible for user fees. Supervisor: David Mosser.

Animal Care Facility

Agnes McLean

Program Admin Spec - Central Animal Research

E-mail: amclean@umd.edu

Ext: 5-4921

Dawn Jackson

Resident Specialist - Central Animal Research

E-mail: djackso2@umd.edu

Ext: 5-4922

Chair's Office

Errica Philpott-Barber
Program Manager, Faculty Affairs
Email: Errica@umd.edu
Office: 2109 Microbiology Bldg.
Ext. 5-8730 

Assists the Chair: Schedules meetings, acts as proxy for signatures in Chair's absence. Manages all Faculty Affairs for the department related to APT and AEP. Manages website updates and maintains location list of faculty, staff, and students. Supervisor: Kevin McIver