CBMG Diversity, EQUITY and Inclusion

Mission Statement:

The CBMG department is committed to creating an educational and work environment that is rich in diversity, inclusive, and supportive of all students, faculty, and staff. The department aspires to reflect the diversity of the broader community; to create an environment where all department members are valued for the contributions unique to their abilities, background and position; and to facilitate their individual growth, productivity, and satisfaction.


The CBMG Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Committee is responsible for assessing the departmental environment for diversity and inclusion, for recommending activities, resources, and policies to enhance diversity and inclusion within the Department, and for promoting equity and awareness in the department, including climate, recruitment, retention, and outreach. 

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Share your Diversity Activity

In order to support and recognize efforts around Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, the CBMG Diversity Committee is collecting stories, events, programs, and research efforts of our faculty, staff, student organizations, and students around diversity and inclusion.


Over the last year, if you have supported, led, or hosted an event, program, or research that promotes diversity and inclusion within science, our classrooms or community please complete this form so that we can keep a track of all your efforts!




We would love to share this with the CBMG community and get feedback on areas we can improve!

Committee Members 2023-2024

Charles Francis Delwiche (Professor) delwiche@umd.edu 
Sougata Roy (Associate Professor) sougata@umd.edu
Erin Tran (Senior Lecturer) eehtran@umd.edu
Teresa M. Thompson (Assistant Director) teresa@umd.edu
Errica Philpott-Barber (Program Manager) errica@umd.edu  
VACANT - Researcher
VACANT - Graduate Student
VACANT - Undergraduate Student
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Campus Incident Reporting

If you have been subjected to, or have witnessed, improper behavior or some other kind of incident, please file a report directly with the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, or (as appropriate) with one of the other offices listed below. 


Office of Diversity and Inclusion:

Phone: 301-405-3555

Email: DiverseTerps@umd.edu

Hate Bias:  https://diversity.umd.edu/


UMD Office of Civil Rights and Sexual Misconduct (OCRSM)

Phone: 301-405-1142

Email: titleixcoordinator@umd.edu

Site: https://www.ocrsm.umd.edu/


UMD Office of Student Conduct

Phone: 301-314-8204

Site: studentconduct.umd.edu


Academic Integrity Referral Form

Site: https://cm.maxient.com/reportingform.php?UnivofMaryland&layout_id=1


University of MD Ombudsman Office

Site: https://president.umd.edu/administration/administrative-offices/university-maryland-ombuds-services


Disability Issues Commission

Site: https://pcdi.umd.edu/


LGBTQ+ Equity Center

Site: https://lgbt.umd.edu/

campus resources


Division of Student Affairs/Involvement/Programs 



Faculty Affairs Resources



Staff Resources



Accessibility and Disability Service



CMNS Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Council