Affiliate Faculty

Marco Colombini , Affiliate Professor Emeritus. Ph.D. McGill University, 1974. Structure and mode of action of membrane transport systems; molecular basis for voltage control of channel-forming proteins.

 Iqbal Hamza, Affiliate Professor. Ph.D. State University of New York School of Medicine, 1997. Cell Biology and Genetics of Iron and Heme Homeostasis. 

James Culver, Affiliate Professor, Center for Biosystems Research, UMBI. Ph.D. University of California, Riverside, 1991. Molecular plant-virus interactions; virion assembly, replication, and long-distance movement of tobacco mosaic virus.

 William R. Jeffery, Affiliate Professor. Ph.D. University of Iowa, 1971. Evolution of developmental mechanisms in chordates.

Nicole Li, Affiliate Assistant Professor. Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh, 2009. Systems biology of vocal fold inflammation and wound healing.

 Ian Mather, Affiliate Professor. Ph.D. Univ. College of North Wales, 1971. Expression and function of mammary glycoproteins.

 Donald Milton, Affiliate Professor. Dr.Ph. Harvard University, 1989.  Health effects of bio-aerosols.

 Daniel Nelson, Affiliate Assistant Professor. Ph.D. University of Georgia, Athens, 1999. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

 Daniel Perez, Affiliate Associate Professor. Ph.D. University of Nebraska, 1995. The molecular basis of interspecies transmission, pathogenesis, and cross-protection of influenza A viruses.

 Leslie Pick, Affiliate Professor. Ph.D. Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, N.Y., 1986. Embryonic development, evolution and axon guidance in Drosophila.

Kathy Takayama. Affiliate Research Professor. Ph.D. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Rutgers University Medical School. B.S. Life Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.



Lisa Taneyhill, Affiliate Assistant Professor. Ph.D. Princeton University, Molecular Biology, 2000. The vertebrate neural crest, a transient population of migratory cells that  ultimately differentiate to become a wide range of structures, including the peripheral nervous system, skin pigment cells, portions of the heart, and the craniofacial skeleton.

Shunyuan Xiao, Affiliate Professor, Institute for Bioscience for Biotechnology Research (IBBR) & Department of Plant Sciences & Landscape Architecture. Plant Genetics, Huazhong Agricultural University, China 1992. Cellular and molecular bases of plant defense.