Research Faculty

Ashton (Trey) Belew, Assistant Research Scientist, El-Sayed Lab

Todd J. Cooke, Research Professor and Professor Emeritus. Ph.D. Cornell University, 1979. Structure, development, and evolution of land plants; active engagement pedagogy and multidisciplinary reasoning in introductory biology classes.

Lijuan Du, Assistant Research Scientist, Roy Lab

Feng Gao, Assistant Research Scientist, Simon Lab

Muhammad Ilyas, Assistant Research Scientist, Simon Lab

 Anwar Huq, Research Professor, Maryland Pathogen Research Institute

William J. Snell, Research Professor. Ph. D. Yale University, 1974. Using fertilization in the green alga Chlamydomonas as a model system: molecular mechanisms of gamete membrane fusion; development of a transmission-blocking malaria vaccine; regulation of membrane protein composition of the primary cilium.


Talita Gagliardi, Visiting Assistant Research Scientist, Scull Lab