For Summer 2021 semester: There will be no virtual drop-in advising. For questions, please call 301-405-2766 or email mleung3@umd.edu.

Drop-in advising will resume in Fall 2021.


Students, advisors and faculty attending a UMD Zoom meeting should always log into Zoom using your UMD credentials and not a personal Zoom account. Not doing so will prevent you from accessing your online UMD classes and meetings starting on Monday, September 21, 2020.

drop-in instructions

option 1:

  1. Please visit TerpEngage's advising portal, select drop-in advising, and copy and paste the Zoom link. 
  2. If you have chosen a virtual meeting, you will be entered into a Zoom waiting room. Please wait to be admitted to the meeting.  
  3. The Zoom desktop client is recommended, but not required. The mobile App is also available for iOS and Android. You can also join the meeting by phone.

scan qr code below or go to:

  1. Scan QR code or go to  https://go.umd.edu/58D 
  2. You need to have Zoom downloaded on your cell phone/laptop to access Zoom meetings.


How to scan the QR code on your phone:

  • Android and iPhone: Open your camera app, point the camera at the code and click on the banner. 
  • If the scanner isn’t working, make sure QR Code scanning is enabled in your phone Setting’s app.
  • If you are having any issues connecting, please email mleung3@umd.edu.

Our Advising Program is a part of the College of Computer, Mathematical and Natural Sciences mandatory advising program.  All departmental advisors are faculty in the department of Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics. 


BSCI students are assigned to advisors in Two Phases:

Phase 1: Freshman Advising

Students are advised by specially trained advisors in the student services office in the College of Computer, Mathematical and Natural Sciences in Symons hall.

Phase 2: Major Advising & exit/clearance advising

Once students have completed the basic biology program and organic chemistry, they are assigned to an advisor in a department reflecting their specialization. CBMG Faculty serve as advisors to students in the following specializations:

  • Microbiology,
  • Cell Biology and Genetics or
  • General Biology, if your last name begins with N-Z

Specialization requirements sheets and 4-year plans can be found at bsci.umd.edu/major-requirements


Students are able to run degree audits in UAchieve to review requirements that have been satisfied and those that remain to be completed. 


UAchieve can also be used to to review course requirements for other BSCI specializations or majors.


During senior year, advisors review students’ plan for graduation and complete a senior audit.

schedule an advising appointment

Each semester prior to the start of Pre-registration, advisors will contact students with information regarding the advising appointment.


To schedule an appointment, please visit TerpEngage. If you do not see any available appointments for your assigned advisor, please contact them directly. The contact information for our advisors is listed below.    

Click here to schedule an appointment:

Click here to see the FAQ:

undergraduate office

CBMG Department Undergraduate Office

Room 1109 Microbiology Building

(301) 405-2766


Undergraduate Office Staff

Megan Leung, Program Administrative Specialist - mleung3@umd.edu, 301.405.2766

Dr. David Straney, Associate Chair of Undergraduate Programs - straney@umd.edu,  301.405.1622


Additional Information

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