CBMG Faculty Affairs

This page is specifically for CBMG Faculty, Instructors and Researchers.  


CBMG Plan of Organization

Tenure Track APT

Professional Track AEP

CBMG AEP Cheat Sheet - This will provide you with a timeline and checklist for Appointment, Evaluation and Promotions.  *PI's please contact Mini and Errica for detailed procedures 


CBMG AEP Promotion Criteria


 DRAFT AEP Campus Manual - Oct. 2023

CBMG PTK Policy 2019 - pending review


UMD AEP - PTK Promotions


Faculty Success - Annual Reporting DUE March 15, 2024


Outside Professional Activities OPA - DUE TBA


Workshop Video Recordings

Errica Philpott-Barber

Program Manager, Faculty Affairs