Adjunct Faculty

Eric Baehrecke, Adjunct Professor, University of Massachusetts, Medical School. Ph.D. University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1992. Steroid regulation of gene expression, differentiation, and programmed cell death during insect development. 

Thomas Cebula , Adjunct Professor, MD. Ph.D. Johns Hopkins University, 1973. Microbial genomics: evolution of pathogens, mechanisms of pathogenicity/virulence, DNA mismatch repair, molecular mechanisms of mutagenesis, microbial forensics.

 Daniel L. Cohen, Adjunct Associate Professor, MD.   

 Eric O. Freed, Adjunct Professor, Chief, Virus-Cell Interaction Section-NIH. Ph.D. University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1990. HIV-1 assembly, release, and maturation.

 Kim Y. Green, Adjunct Associate Professor, Senior Investigator, Laboratory of Infectious Diseases-NIH. (Ph.D.) Molecular studies of viral agents of gastroenteritis; relating to epidemiology and vaccine development; replication of Calciviruses. 

 Peter Hobart, Adjunct Senior Research Scientist, Ph.D. Wesleyan University. Infectious disease.

 Zvi Kelman, Adjunct Professor. Ph.D. DNA replication in Archea, with a focus on the initiation and elongation phases of DNA replication.

 June Kwak, Adjunct Professor. Ph.D. Pohang University of Science and Technology, 1997. Guard cell ABA and Ca2+ signal transduction/Single cell-type functional genomics.

Alison McBride, Adjunct Professor, Head, DNA Tumor Virology Section-NIH. (Ph. D.) Papillomavirus Replication and gene expression.  Virus-cell interaction and regulation of viral transmission in dividing cells.

Bernard Moss, Adjunct Professor, Chief, Laboratory of Viral Diseases-NIH. Ph.D. Mass. Inst. Technology, 1967. Poxvirus-host interactions; viral DNA replication; recombinant vaccines and gene therapy; assembly of virions; structure and function of the HIV envelope protein.

 Ted Pierson, Adjunct Professor, Chief, Viral Pathogenesis Section-NIH. (Ph.D.) Flaviviruses: dengue virus and West Nile virus.

 Owen White, Adjunct  Professor, University of Maryland School of Medicine. Ph.D. New Mexico State University, New Mexico, 1992. Genomics.