Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics’ José A. Feijó Receives Faculty Award From University System of Maryland’s Board of Regents
Faculty Spotlight · 17. April 2024
The award recognized Feijó’s highly cited plant biology genetics research on pollen tubes and his impact on the international scientific community.

Student Spotlight · 01. March 2024
IBBR congratulates graduate student Rui Yin on her NCI-UMD fellowship, and for being awarded the Outstanding Graduate Assistant Award by the University of Maryland Graduate School.

Scientists Identify Genetic Mechanism Responsible for Plant Leaf Diversity
Publications · 15. February 2024
New research from the University of Maryland provides insight into how plants adapt to different environments and potentially build resilience to climate change.

CBMG Spotlight · 09. February 2024
Congratulations to CBMG's Charles Delwiche, Adena Collens and David Straney!
What Makes Urine Yellow? CBMG Scientists Discover the Enzyme Responsible
CBMG Spotlight · 03. January 2024
Their findings could be applied to future studies of gut health, including conditions like jaundice and inflammatory bowel disease. Researchers at the University of Maryland and National Institutes of Health have identified the microbial enzyme responsible for giving urine its yellow hue, according to a new study published in the journal Nature Microbiology on January 3, 2024. The discovery of this enzyme, called bilirubin reductase, paves the way for further research into the gut...

CBMG Spotlight · 12. December 2023
We are thrilled to share that the College of CMNS recently received a $505K grant from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) to build students’ persistence and success in STEM. The initiative is being led by Kaci Thompson and Gili Marbach-Ad from the College of CMNS and Marco Molinaro from the UMD Teaching and Learning Transformation Center.

CBMG DEI Newsletter · 12. December 2023
Mohammad Mian is a 2nd-year graduate student working towards a doctoral degree in the lab of Dr. Gilad Ofek. Read Mohammad’s account of his tumultuous early years in Pakistan and discovering his love of biology as a high school dropout in a Seattle community college!

CBMG DEI Newsletter · 12. December 2023
Rachel Sanford joined the CBMG department this fall as our new Media Lab Manager. Rachel is a graduate of UMD and worked previously with the Entomology Department. Read more about Rachel here!

CBMG DEI Newsletter · 12. December 2023
Norma Andrews is a Professor and former Chair of the CBMG department. Read about her experiences as an immigrant from Brazil entering academia in the United States!

CBMG DEI Newsletter · 12. December 2023
Dr. David Mosser is a Professor in the CBMG department and Director of the Maryland Pathogen Research institute. Read about his non-traditional path from high school biology teacher and football coach to academia!

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