Dr. Brian Pierce awarded $1.5 million NIH R35 Grant!
Faculty Spotlight · 04. January 2022
Dr. Brian Pierce, an Assistant Professor in the CBMG Department, was recently awarded a $1.5 million R35 Maximizing Investigators’ Research Award (MIRA) grant from the National Institutes of Health for his project entitled “High Resolution Modeling and Design of Immune Recognition”.

CBMG Welcome Back to School Event
CBMG Spotlight · 01. September 2021
CBMG would like to thank everyone that attended and made the Welcome Back event a great success!

Congrats to Douglas Downing!
CBMG Spotlight · 04. August 2021
Congratulations Doug Downing for being the recipient of a prestigious 2021 President’s Distinguished Service Award!

CBMG's Volker Briken and Shivangi Rastogi Discover a Surprising New Way that Tuberculosis Suppresses Immunity
30. July 2021
Researchers from the University of Maryland found a gene that helps tuberculosis turn off an important immune signaling system in infected human cells.

Dr. Antony Jose published in Nature Communications
Publications · 12. July 2021
Congratulations to Antony Jose whose paper was published today in Nature Communications. Antony’s recent study provides a potential tool for unraveling the mystery of how an animal’s lived experience can be passed down through generations. While breeding nematode worms, Jose and his team found that some matings led to epigenetic changes in offspring that continued to be passed down through as many generations as the scientists continued to breed them. This discovery will enable scientists to

CBMG Spotlight: Dr. Todd Cooke appointed as Emeritus Professor
CBMG Spotlight · 25. June 2021
Dr. Cooke Honored with 2020 Kirwan Undergraduate Education Award. He founded and then directed the Integrated Life Sciences (ILS) program in the Honors College since 2011. With Cooke as the program’s inaugural director, ILS built an extraordinary track record of achievement, one student at a time.

2021 CBMG Departmental Awards of Excellence
17. May 2021
It is with great pleasure that CBMG announces the inaugural recipients of the CBMG Departmental Awards of Excellence for 2021. These are new awards that are meant to recognize and celebrate individuals who have made exceptional contributions to the Department at all levels. The awards are even more relevant this year given the challenges and sacrifices made during the past 15 months of the pandemic.

Margaret Scull Awarded with $2.7 million NIH Grant to Study Virus-Mucus Interactions
Faculty Spotlight · 05. May 2021
The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) of the NIH recently awarded CBMG Assistant Professor Dr. Margaret Scull a 5-year, $2.7 million grant to support her team’s efforts in researching the role of airway mucins during influenza virus infection.

Kevin McIver Named Interim Chair of UMD’s Department of Cell Biology & Molecular Genetics
CBMG Spotlight · 01. March 2021
Professor Kevin McIver will begin an appointment as interim chair of the University of Maryland’s Department of Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics (CBMG) on March 2, 2021.

Congrats to Dr. Najib El-Sayed!
CBMG Spotlight · 19. August 2020
Dr Najib El-Sayed has been named the director of UMD's Integrated Life Science program. ILS is a living-learning program focused on biological sciences and offers an accelerated curriculum for talented STEM students. Dr. El-Sayed succeeds Dr. Todd Cooke who founded this extremely successful program. We are all very proud of the legacy that Dr. Cooke has left us, and we are sure that Najib will take it even further.

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