Research in Faculty Labs:

Via BSCI 379G a student may receive credit for performing research in the laboratory of one of the faculty in the Department of Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics. 

  • BSCI 379G - Research in areas of cell biology, molecular biology, or genetics.

For these courses, the student must personally make arrangements to work with a faculty member. That faculty member will then serve as the course instructor for the research credit. The student will sign up for one of the above courses using a section number that will reflect the faculty researcher as the course instructor. Section numbers are available from the faculty or the CBMG Undergraduate Office (1109 Microbiology Building).


Credit for the Research Experience course, as well as time commitment required, will be at the faculty member's discretion and should be agreed upon at the time of course registration.


Meeting the Faculty and Finding a Research Project

The faculty of the Department of Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics welcome undergraduates into their research laboratories.


The areas of research emphasis in the Department include:



To arrange a research experience with a faculty member, a student should visit the faculty members web page. After reading of faculty interests, students should arrange appointments, in person, (rather than via email) with faculty with whom they would like to work. During this appointment, the student and faculty member will discuss a student's interests, space availability in the research lab and the student's availability. If an agreement is made between student and faculty member, a research project is outlined and the student may register for research credit.


No faculty member will turn away a truly interested and obviously motivated student. It is the students job to demonstrate these characteristics to the faculty member. Research projects require significant time and dedication. Students must show a sincere commitment to the research experience.


Students may count a maximum of 3 credits of research toward the Upper Level requirements of the Biological Sciences Program.


See the Biological Sciences Internships for information on additional research and internship opportunities and for research funding opportunities.