Student Spotlight: CBMG Honors Symposium

Congratulations to the graduating students who presented their thesis work on March 31st, 2023! They will be honored with their awards during the CBMG Awards Ceremony on Friday, May 12 at 4pm.


From Left to Right

Sophia Guan (Zhongchi Liu (advisor), Steve Mount, Shunyuan Xiao)

Clarissa Halpern (Wenxia Song (advisor), David Mosser, Daniel Stein)

Sasvi Kulasinghe  (Vincent Lee (advisor), Antony Jose, Brantley Hall)

Grant Yang (Jeff DeStefano (advisor), Wade Winkler, Meg Scull)

Garmani Thein (Wade Winkler (advisor), Jeff DeStefano, Catherine Spirito)