Antony M Jose

Associate Professor



Office Phone: (301)405.7028

Lab Phone: (301)405.9513

Lab: 2205 Bioscience Research Building

Office Address: 2136 Bioscience Research Building





Systems View of Cell Biology



Quantitative Modeling for Experimental Biologists


Graduate Program Affiliations



graduate program affiliations

  • BISI - BISI-Molecular & Cellular Biology (MOCB)

research interests

Life relies on regulation from molecular to population scales. We are interested in advancing the understanding of living systems through conceptual and experimental work on regulation. Conceptually, we aim to explore the origins, diversity, and limits of regulatory architectures. Experimentally, we aim to elucidate mechanisms that use RNA to regulate gene expression across space and time using the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans.


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recent publications



Shugarts N, Sathya A, Yi AL, Chan WM, Marré JA, Jose AM. SID-1 regulates a retrotransposon-encoded gene to tune heritable RNA silencing. bioRxiv (Online on 10/6/2021 with revisions on 2/12/2023).


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Galford KF, Jose AM. The FDA-approved drugs ticlopidine, sertaconazole, and dexlansoprazole can cause morphological changes in C. elegans. Chemosphere 261:127756. (Online Apr 11, 2020, bioRxiv).


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Devanapally S, Ravikumar S, Jose AM. Double-stranded RNA made in C. elegans neurons can enter the germline and cause transgenerational gene silencing. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA. 112(7):2133-8.





2019               Graduate Faculty Mentor of the Year, UMD


2016               National Academy of Sciences Kavli Fellow



2005               PhD, Yale University


2011               Postdoc, Harvard University