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Personal Story - Teresa Thompson (CBMG Staff)
CBMG DEI Newsletter · 13. May 2022
Teresa was born in Washington DC in the 60's in the heart of the Civil Rights Movement. Her parents instilled in her a passion for social justice and civil rights, hence her interest in being a member of the DEI committee. Read her story below.

Personal Story - Claudia Gonzalez Arevalo (MCB Housekeeping)
CBMG DEI Newsletter · 09. May 2022
Claudia M. Gonzalez Arevalo (Housekeeping) provides outstanding service to the Microbiology Building. MCB has 500 people coming and going each day and Claudia provides a wonderful first impression to anyone who enters Microbiology. She is conscientious, dependable, polite and works extremely hard to keep this building looking the best it can. Read her story of coming to the United States.