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Faculty Spotlight: From Serbia and China to College Park
Faculty Spotlight · 29. March 2023
Alums’ Gift to Maryland Promise Program Honors Their UMD Mentor

Faculty Spotlight: Super Sleuthing to Save Citrus
Faculty Spotlight · 16. March 2023
Anne Simon is on a mission to stop a silent killer—a relentless pathogen that wreaks havoc from the U.S. to Europe and beyond.

Research Update: $3M NIH Grant Supports Genomic Approach to Curing ‘Neglected’ Disease
Faculty Spotlight · 16. March 2023
Supported by a new $3 million grant, a University of Maryland genomicist is continuing a decadelong fight against a painful, disfiguring parasitic skin condition that has received scant attention from the global medical community because of who it infects—the world’s poorest people. The funding from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) allows Professor of Cell Biology & Molecular Genetics Najib El-Sayed and partners in South America to use powerful...

Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Norma Allewell Named 2023 ASBMB Scholar
Faculty Spotlight · 13. March 2023
Congratulations to Dr. Norma Allewell, who was named a 2023 ASBMB Fellow! Designation as a fellow recognizes outstanding commitment to the ASBMB through participation in the society in addition to accomplishments in research, education, mentorship, diversity and inclusion, advocacy, and service to the scientific community.

Personal Story - Louisa Nkrumah (Learning Experience Designer)
CBMG DEI Newsletter · 04. December 2022
Louisa Nkrumah is a Learning Experience Designer with the UMD TLTC. She consults with instructors to provide input on effective teaching practices and inclusivity, and she leads many workshops and learning communities for instructors and faculty members at UMD. Outside of work, she enjoys baking, Zumba and Pure Barre classes, reading, watching reality TV, going to Disney Work, and spending time with family and friends. Read about how her family’s Ghanaian culture influences her work below.

Personal Story - Ginny Hutcheson (Learning Experience Designer)
CBMG DEI Newsletter · 04. December 2022
Ginny Hutcheson is a Learning Experience Designer with the Teaching & Learning Transformation Center at UMD. She leads pedagogy workshops, learning communities, and consultations for UMD instructors. Read her story below about her lifelong love of teaching and sharing her passion for diversity and inclusion.

Personal Story - Errica Philpott-Barber (Program Manager, Faculty Affairs,  Member of DEI Comittee)
CBMG DEI Newsletter · 04. December 2022
Errica Philpott-Barber is the Chair Coordinator for the CBMG department. Her primary role over the last 11 years has been supporting the Chair and managing all faculty-related affairs within the department, including Tenure/Tenure Track and Professional Track Faculty.

Personal Story - Kevin McIver (Professor and Chair of CBMG)
CBMG DEI Newsletter · 04. December 2022
Dr. Kevin McIver is a Professor and Chair of the CBMG department. He joined the department in 2006, and was formally named CBMG Chair this past summer after having served as Interim Chair since the spring of 2021. Read his “Pre-Science” story, including growing up near Colonial Williamsburg, below!

Personal Story - Elisabeth Gantt (Distinguished Professor Emerita)
CBMG DEI Newsletter · 04. December 2022
Dr. Elisabeth Gantt is a Distinguished Professor Emerita in CBMG who has won numerous awards and was elected into the National Academy of Sciences in 1996. A scientific award has been established in her name at her alma mater, Blackburn College, by her former classmates.

Personal Story - Zhongchi Liu (Professor)
CBMG DEI Newsletter · 26. August 2022
Zhongchi Liu, Professor of Plant Biology.

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