Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is my advisor?

  • Contact Megan Leung in the CBMG Undergraduate Office (phone: 301-405-2766 or email:
  • An email should be sent out in mid October or after Spring break with your assigned advisor.

2. Do I have mandatory advising? 

  • Mandatory advising is required initially for new or transferred students. Students who switch from a college advisor to a departmental advisor will have mandatory advising for the first semester with the departmental advisor.
  • All students with a GPA below 2.5.or who are on academic probation will have mandatory advising. 
  • Faculty advisors will contact students about scheduling an advising appointment. 

3. Is there walk-in hours for advising?

  • There are no Zoom drop-in hours. Advising Office is open from 9 AM - 4 PM for walk-ins.
  • Please check the advising page for more information.

4. Non-Mandatory Advising:

  • Students who do not fall into the category above are not required to meet with an advisor before registration.
  • The CBMG Undergraduate Office will contact students with their assigned advisor and students are encouraged to meet with their advisor if they have questions or would like assistance with course or career decisions.

5. Advising blocks for double major/degree:

  • If you are completing a double major/degree, you may have a registration block with your other major and need an advising stamp from your other advisor.
  • There is only one advising block that is removed by the last advisor. 
  • Contact Megan Leung in the CBMG Undergraduate Office if your advising is satisfied and your advising block remains.