Imaging Core


The Imaging Core provides researchers with the opportunity to image live, fixed, unlabeled or fluorescently labeled samples using one of several available microscopes.  Services include training on all equipment, guidance on experimental design and technician-assisted microscope operation. Priority usage is given to UMD researchers, but outside users are welcome as well. 

  • The Zeiss LSM 710 Confocal Microscope is equipped with a 405 diode, Argon laser (458, 488, 514), 561 and 633 lasers.  Suitable applications include colocalization studies, immunofluorescence, FRAP and time courses. A separate workstation with a copy of the Zeiss Zen software is available for image analysis and processing.
  • The Leica SP5 X Confocal Microscope is equipped with several laser lines, including an Argon laser (458, 476, 488, 498, 514nm), 405 diode and white light laser (470-670nm), a motorized x-y scanning stage, z-galvo stage and resonant (high speed) scanner. Suitable applications include live cell imaging studies, FRAP, FRET, time courses, colocalization and spectral unmixing.  A workstation with a copy of the Leica image analysis software is available for image analysis and processing. 
  • The DeltaVision Elite Deconvolution/TIRF microscope is equipped with 2 TIRF lasers (488, 561), an environment control system, CMOS camera, inverted Olympus microscope base with a 60x 1.49NA TIRF lens, a 60x oil lens and 60x 1.2NA water lens. The excitation source for fluorescence and deconvolution microscopy is a 6 color Insight solid state illumination system designed to image the following fluorophores: DAPI, CFP, GFP, YFP, TRITC, mCherry, CY5.
  • A Perkin Elmer UltraVIEW Vox confocal spinning disk system was recently installed in the Physical Sciences Comlex (PSC) building.
  • The Zeiss AxioObserver inverted fluorescence microscope is equipped with Zen software, 10x, 20x and 40x long working distance lenses (for viewing through cell culture dishes), plus 40x oil and 100x oil lenses. It uses an X-Cite light source for fluorescence imaging (filters: DAPI, CFP, GFP, YFP and DsRed). 
  • The Zeiss AxioPhot microscope is available for brightfield, phase contrast and DIC imaging. It has a monochrome CoolSNAP EZ CCD camera and Nikon's Elements software.

New Users

Faculty and students who wish to use the microscope should follow the instructions in the New Users Guide.


Short Course in Practical Light Microscopy

Periodically, the Imaging Core offers a short non-credit course in Practical Light Microscopy. The class is free to students at UMD but is limited to 6 participants. Basic optical theory is discussed and each student has access to their own microscope. The presentation slides for the course are available here (full slides) and here (notes page). Please contact the facility manager (Amy Beaven) if you are interested in taking the course.

Principles of Microscopy: BSCI427/CBMG688W

During the fall semester, the University offers the 2 credit course Principles of Microscopy, taught by Dr. Steve Wolniak and Ms. Amy Beaven.  Materials for the course can be found here

Rate Schedules for All Microscopes

The Imaging Core Rate Schedule applies to all trained, eligible users and is current for the 2013/2014 Academic Year. Rates are adjusted each year depending on usage. Fees are used to help cover the cost of the service contract on the microscopes, which are partially subsidized by the department, and to help pay for materials such as lens paper, lens cleaning solution and mercury bulbs. For additional information about user fees and for a detailed analysis of microscope use and expenses, please see the FY2013 and FY2014 Annual Report.   

Acknowledging the Imaging Core

It is important to properly acknowledge the use of the Imaging Core in your publications.  Acknowledgement helps us demonstrate and document how the Imaging Core contributes to the research community.  It also aids us in our efforts to secure more funding to purchase additional instruments and offer new services.  Imaging Core users should send a PDF copy of all publications to the Director, Amy Beaven.

Contact Information

Amy Beaven
Imaging Core Facility
0107 Microbiology Building
University of Maryland

Dr. Charles Delwiche
Faculty Supervisor
2108 Bioscience Research Building
University of Maryland