The Research Advisory Board of MPRI includes leaders in pathogen research within the University of Maryland and affiliate organizations:

David Mosser

Founding Director of MPRI; Professor, Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics. Ph.D., Immunology, North Carolina State University, 1983. Innate and adaptive immunity to microbial pathogens; regulation of cytokine gene expression in macrophages and dendritic cells; receptor-mediated modulation of cytokine production; development of novel anti-inflammatory therapies to treat autoimmune diseases.


William Bentley

Director, Bioengineering Graduate Program and Herbert Rabin Distinguished Professor of Engineering. Ph.D., University of Colorado, Boulder, 1989. Heterologous protein expression; cellular stress responses; insect cell/baculovirus systems; metabolic engineering; bioreactor optimization; biodegradation.


Rita Colwell

Professor Emeritus, Institute for Advanced Computer Studies. Ph.D., Oceanography, University of Washington. Global infectious diseases, water and health.


Kevin McIver

Associate Professor, Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics. Ph.D., Microbiology, University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center, 1994. Bacterial pathogenesis, biodefense.

In addition, MPRI has developed an external Scientific Advisory Board consisting of top scientists, including:

Walter Dowdle, Ph.D., Ctr. for Dis. Control

Claire M. Fraser, Ph.D., The Univ. of Maryland Sch. of Med.

Diane Griffin, M.D., Ph.D., Johns Hopkins Univ.

Peter Hobart, Ph.D., The United States Army Med. Res. Inst. for Infect. Dis.

Alan Sher, Ph.D., The Natl. Inst. of Health

Stefanie Vogel, Ph.D., The Univ. of Maryland Sch. of Med.