Sougata Roy

Assistant Professor

Office Phone: 301.405.6158

Lab Phone: 301.405.2318

Lab: 2109 Bioscience Research Building

Office Address: 2110 Bioscience Research Building



Graduate Program Affiliations

·         BISI - BISI-Molecular & Cellular Biology (MOCB) 


Research Interests

Cell-cell communication is the bandmaster that orchestrates an amazing transformation of single cell zygote into many different types of cells and organizes them into complex patterns within the emerging body plan in a developing embryo. Our laboratory aims to understand how do cells in multicellular organisms communicate with morphogenetic signals to coordinate and organize themselves into complex patterns.

Funding: NIH (NHLBI). 


Selected Publications:




1. Roy S,* and Kornberg T.B. Paracrine signaling mediated at cell-cell contacts. BioEssays 2015. 37(1): 25–33. (*, corresponding author; published online: 5 DEC 2014, DOI: 10.1002/bies.201400122)     

Video abstract:


2. Rao PR, Lin L, Huang H, Guha A, Roy S, Kornberg TB. Developmental compartments in the larval trachea of Drosophila. Elife. 2015 Oct 22;4. pii: e08666. doi: 10.7554/eLife.08666. PMID: 26491942    




1. Roy S, Huang H, Liu S and Kornberg TB. Cytoneme-mediated contact-dependent transport of the Drosophila Decapentaplegic signaling protein. Science, 2014. 343(6173):852, 1244624

2. Kornberg TB, Roy S. Cytonemes as specialized signaling filopodia. Development, 2014. 141:729-736.


3. Kornberg TB, Roy S. Communicating by touch – neurons are not alone. Trends in Cell Biology, 2014. 24(6): 370-376 (Published online on 21st February, 2014; 10.1016/j.tcb.2014.01.003).




1. Roy S, Hsiung F, Kornberg TB. Specificity of Drosophila cytonemes for distinct signaling pathways. Science. 2011; 332(6027):354-8.


2. Roy S, Kornberg TB. Direct delivery mechanisms of morphogen dispersion. Science Signaling. 2011 22; 4 (200):pt8. 



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Teaching: BSCI420 Fall




PhD. 2006. Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India.


Post-doctoral fellowship. 2014. Department of Biochemistry and Cardiovascular Research Institute, University of California, San Francisco.