Anwar Huq

Research Professor 


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Office Phone: (301) 405-7428

Office Address: Bioscience Research Building #413, Room 3132


Research Interest:


Understanding the survival, multiplication and transmission of pathogens that   are autochthonous in the environment targeted for disease prevention and intervention. Climate has significant impact on the occurrence, survival, multiplication of environmental organisms and its ability to cause disease. Studying waterborne pathogens, primary focusing on Vibrio cholerae, which is the causative agent of cholera. Conventional bacteriological, immunological and molecular methods, as well as bioinformatics and satellite remote sensing are being employed to develop a global prediction model with the ultimate goal to prevent cholera. Safe drinking water has also been a focus in my research and a simple filtration method for safe drinking water was developed, which has been proven to save lives and prevent suffering in an extensive clinical field trial carried out in Bangladesh.  


Publication: Years, Jan 2011-Feb 2016 (out of total publication over 250).

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