College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences


In addition to basic lower level Biological Sciences (BSCI) courses, CBMG faculty teach upper level undergraduate courses. Courses offered by the department include:

BSCI124/125 Plant Biology for Non-Science Majors
BSCI105 Principles of Biology I
BSCI207 Principles of Biology III
BSCI222 Principles of Genetics
BSCI223 General Microbiology
BSCI330 Cell Biology & Physiology
BSCI380 Bioinformatics & Integrated Genomics
BSCI410 Molecular Genetics
BSCI412 Microbial Genetics
BSCI414 Recombinant DNA Techniques lab
BSCI415- Molecular Genetics lab
BSCI417 Microbial Pathogenesis
BSCI420/421 Cell Biology
BSCI422 Immunology
BSCI423 Immunology Lab
BSCI424 Pathogenic Microbiology w/ Lab
BSCI425 Epidemiology & Public Health
BSCI427 Microscopy
BSCI437 Virology
BSCI442 Plant Physiology w/ Lab
BSCI443 Microbial Physiology
BSCI464 Microbial Ecology